Zen, Aikido and lawyering

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Zen, Aikido and lawyering

July 21, 2013 - Posted By: Michael

I believe in the Japanese idea of kaizen–continuous improvement. I look forward to a lifetime of study of law, persuasion and becoming a better person. In my personal life, I have studied Aikido–a martial art handed down from the Samurai–and Zen mindfulness and meditation practices.

Martial art training teaches us to center. We center in the hara–the point in the body just an inch below the belly button. Zen training teaches us to focus on our breath. From this place of being centered and focused, we can begin to explore the emotional and logical realities of a case. These basic practices can be very powerful building blocks for courtroom presence and presentation. They have helped me receive record breaking settlements and verdicts.I believe th

Jay Rinsen Weik

Jay Rinsen Weik (a fifth degree Aikdo black belt and an ordained Zen Buddhist priest) has helped me develop exercises specifically for trial lawyers. We are curious if there are enough other lawyers interested in these methods to support an interactive seminar (including swords and meditation) on Zen. Aikido and lawyering..

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It’s all in the eyes

Studies in cognitive neuroscience have shown that fear, surprise, happiness and other emotions trigger the amygdala in the brain based on the the amount of white in the eyes. While the orbitofrontal cortex and other parts of the brain decode complex facial expressions, the amygdala is quick and simple and responds based on just one thing--how much eye white is showing.


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