Save the Date for 2016 Core Method Workshops November 13, 2015 - Posted By: Michael

black and white zen

The Core Method Workshops in 2016 will be held:

May 4-7 in Chicago at the Godfrey Hotel (this is a change in the previously-announced dates)

September 8-11 in San Francisco

Watch this space for more details and how to register. Signup on the right of this page to receive emails as more information becomes available.


It’s all in the eyes

Studies in cognitive neuroscience have shown that fear, surprise, happiness and other emotions trigger the amygdala in the brain based on the the amount of white in the eyes. While the orbitofrontal cortex and other parts of the brain decode complex facial expressions, the amygdala is quick and simple and responds based on just one thing--how much eye white is showing.


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