About Michael

About Michael

I believe in the Japanese idea of kaizen–continuous improvement–and look forward to a lifetime of study of the law, persuasion, becoming a better person and where these all interact. Japanese have great words for concepts we don’t have. Another one is masakatsu–to win directly, correctly and with integrity. This is my goal as a trial lawyer.

It is thrilling to combine the art and the science of being a lawyer. I am intrigued by the art and science of persuasion and the what the newest discoveries in cognitive neuroscience tell us.

I am a dual Board Certified Civil Trial Advocate who handles cases across the United States. I am mostly known for my work in the area of truck accident litigation and safety, but love helping lawyers in all kinds of cases. I am the owner of the site My wife–a very skilled lawyer–and I consult with other lawyers on cases. You can find more information at

You can contact me at

It’s all in the eyes

Studies in cognitive neuroscience have shown that fear, surprise, happiness and other emotions trigger the amygdala in the brain based on the the amount of white in the eyes. While the orbitofrontal cortex and other parts of the brain decode complex facial expressions, the amygdala is quick and simple and responds based on just one thing--how much eye white is showing.


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